We are a company that guarantees the quality of the service provided

Being aware of the demand that includes the metallurgical and mining sector, we put all our experience and capacity at your disposal to become your main strategic allies in order to generate value for each of your needs. We maintain constant innovation processes in each of our processes in order to provide our clients with all the support, trust and security necessary in the development of their business.

Among the services we provide are:
• Desorption and Thermal and Chemical reactivation of activated carbon.
• Precious metal smelting and refining services.
• Treatment of Merrill-Crowe precipitates.
• Amalgam and gilding refining.
• Laboratory analysis: Au, Ag.
• Purchase of minerals containing gold (Au), silver (Ag) and tailings.
• Purchase of materials:
o Scrap Gold and Silver
o Low-grade gold and silver.
o Silver scales.

We are a company that guarantees the quality of the manufactured product

Our products

• Unalloyed raw gold:
o Specifications:
Unalloyed raw gold grade 99.99% minimum purity (Au)
Presentation: Ingots, Granules or others as required by the Client
o Applications:
Means of Refuge for Investors
Production of salts used in the pharmaceutical industry

• Unalloyed raw silver:
o Specifications:
Unalloyed raw silver grade 99.99% minimum purity (Ag)
Presentation: Ingots, Granulated or others as required by the Client
o Applications:
Electric and electronic circuits

Means of Refuge for Investors

• Silver halides:
o Specifications:
-Silver chloride (AgCl)
-Silver cyanide (AgCN)
o Applications:
-Photographic industry in the production of photosensitive film, as well as in the
composition of fixative liquid and photographic paper.
-Electrolytic Plating Processes.
• Silver nitrate:
o Specifications:
-Silver nitrate 99.8% minimum purity, ACS grade (American Chemical Society)
-Presentation: Crystals
o Applications:
-Galvanostegy: Protection process for corrosion in the production of products
-Water treatment: Applies to 10% to purify water intended for consumption
human and ice production.
-Cauterizing and healing.
-Dissolved in a 1% solution, it serves as an ophthalmological preventive for newborns and at 2% it is useful to treat wet eczema.
-Local antiseptic in ointments containing 15% colloidal silver.
- Bactericidal
-Elimination of warts and petty
- Production of creams for burns
- Used in the floriculture industry for the preservation of the cut flower and during the cultivation of the flowers for the proper growth of the flower.

Our business group is made up of companies dedicated to mining both in its extractive and industrial stages. This structure guarantees adequate control of the variables involved throughout the entire value chain for the production of precious metals and their derivatives.

Through our product portfolio we add value to various industries such as pharmaceuticals, electronics, food, floriculture, among others. We must highlight our focus on the quality of our products and responsible production through certifications such as our Integrated Management System (Certified by SGS-UKAS in the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18000 Standards) and the certification of our Silver Nitrate by the ACS (American Chemical Society) ..

We are a business group that is dedicated to the production and refining of precious metals as well as the commercialization of them and the production of their derivatives, with high quality standards, committed to caring for the environment, the safety and health of our employees and the satisfaction of our stakeholders.

To be a recognized and respected mining business group, for its constant effort of innovation and its values.
Our values:
Honesty: We work with transparency, fulfilling our commitments.
Perseverance: We seek to achieve what we propose and find solutions to the difficulties that may arise.
Responsibility: We assume the results of what we do or omit in the company and its environment.
Teamwork: We join forces by multiplying achievements.
Social and Environmental Responsibility: We contribute to our society and the environment, applying our organizational policy.

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