Our business group consists of companies engaged in the mining sector, both in its mining and industrial stage. This structure guarantees adequate control of the variables involved along the value chain for the production of precious metals and their derivatives.

Through our portfolio of products add value to various industries such as pharmaceuticals, electronics, food, flowers, and others. We must insist on our focus on product quality and responsible production through certifications such as integrated management system (SGS-UKAS certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18000) and our system certification our nitrate d ACS (American Chemical Society) silver.

We are a group of companies that is dedicated to the production and refining of precious metals as well as the marketing and production of their products, with high standards of quality, committed to environmental protection, safety and security. the health of our employees and the satisfaction of our stakeholders.
He is a recognized and respected for his constant effort to innovate and his mining values ​​business group.
Our values:
Honesty: We work with transparency to respect our commitments.
Perseverance: We proposed to reach and find solutions to the difficulties that may arise.
Responsibility: We take the results of what we do or omit in the business and its environment.
Teamwork: We have joined the forces of multiplication achievements.
Social and environmental responsibility: We contribute to our society and the environment, applying our organizational policy.

Gold Mining Company Limited
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