14 septembre 2023

Import gold from africa

  OUR SOCIETYOur business group consists of companies engaged in the mining sector, both in its mining and industrial stage. This structure guarantees adequate control of the variables involved along the value chain for the production of precious metals and their derivatives.Through our portfolio of products add value to various industries such as pharmaceuticals, electronics, food, flowers, and others. We must insist on our focus on product quality and responsible production through certifications such as integrated... [Lire la suite]

14 septembre 2023

First gold producer in africa - OUR COMPANY

  We are a company that guarantees the quality of the service providedBeing aware of the demand that includes the metallurgical and mining sector, we put all our experience and capacity at your disposal to become your main strategic allies in order to generate value for each of your needs. We maintain constant innovation processes in each of our processes in order to provide our clients with all the support, trust and security necessary in the development of their business.Among the services we provide are:• Desorption and... [Lire la suite]
14 septembre 2023

Annonce achat lingot d'or en ligne

  Il y a Peut-être de l'Or qui Dort chez Vous- N'Attendez Plus et Contactez-Nous. Avec Gold Nord vous bénéficiez des meilleurs prix de rachat au cours du jour. Paiement en 48h. 8 Agences. Estimation Gratuite. Simple et Sécurisé. Services: Achat, Vente, Rachat. Gold Mining Company Limited5,0 (1) · Société minièreAdress: 115 Hilla Limann Hwy HEAD QUARTERS Accra GHANA.Tél: 00233 265 616 203 (Appel Whatsapp)Ouvert 24h/24E-mail:  goldnegocecorporation@gmail.com
14 septembre 2023

Gold seller in africa

  TRANSACTION QUANTITY: 2000 Kilograms     TRANSACTION QUANTITY: 2000 Kilograms VALUE: 22KaratsPURITY: 96.89% to 98.99%ACCPTABLE EVALUATION: Final assay at Buyers designation of choice.ORIGIN: Ghana. PACKING: Government export box CONTRACT SPAN: 12 months (SUPPLIES EXTENDABLE) QUANTITY: The batch supply offer under the terms of this offer shall be gold Bars of 200 KG or more. Consecutive supplies shall be open for order and sale and after completion of first batch.FIRST TRIAL SHIPMENT: 100 kg to 2500 kgUNIT... [Lire la suite]
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14 septembre 2023

In which country to buy cheaper gold

    A purchase of gold in a foreign country, other than members of the European Union, is subject to customs duties as well as the payment of French VAT. This is particularly the case when gold is ordered through a specialized website or purchased on site, during a stay. The corresponding package must then be accompanied by a goods declaration form. This will be presented to customs by the postal services, as well as the international transport company responsible for transit. The taxes and charges relating to VAT and gold... [Lire la suite]
24 janvier 2023


      23 MOST GHANA TRAINED CART TYPES: BARS AND POWDERWe are a gold aspect mine in Africa specialized in the supply of gold powder diamonds and bullion, He is put up for sale in Ghana,We are a gold mine in Africa specialized in the supply of diamonds, gold powder and bullion, It is put for sale in Ghana, at a very affordable price per kilogram, a significant amount of gold metal whose different characteristics are the following: Ghana FORMED: BARS AND POWDER PURITY: 96%ORIGIN: GhanaQUALITY: 23 TYPES OF CARRAT... [Lire la suite]